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Claudio Massettini 

At age 16 he discovers meditation Yoga as an inner practice and is still the transversal dimension of other skills developed such as counseling, kinesiopathy, spiritual re-alignment, and everything else perfectly integrated into personality and personal style.

"Integration is the principle through which the individual fits in change, the more things we know about the more integration tools grow, the more room for our wellbeing expands."


Luisa Manca

She has been leading a Wellness Center for several years, she is a counselor, well-being specialist in ayurvedic techniques, aromatherapy, myofascial release. Life has taught her how important it is to entrust and let go, she likes animals and nature. She tells about her: "I have always been attracted to psychology, oriental philosophies and deepening the deeper aspects of the human soul. When I met Ayurveda (Ayur = life, see = knowledge), the ancient Indian medicine I was fascinated From the simplicity, the concreteness and the actuality with which this philosophy can be found, engage, and be useful in our everyday life from Westerners. Inspired by these principles I changed my way of working and living, aware that the True wellness comes from awareness, from self-love from a life of essence. "


Barbara Zanella

Hes simple and seemingly purposeless life changes when she knows meditation Yoga, through this, which recognizes limits and potentialities of the mind and is committed to making the best use of what she does.

Her thought is:
"All you are and do is not necessary if you do not share it and do not use it to help others".

She is a nurse with 20 years experience in emergency and oncology sufferers, currently working as Nursing Coordinator, Counselor, Trainer.

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