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Osteopathic Kinesiopathy

Kinesiopathy researches the origin of our imbalances that are the cause of our maladies, symptoms such as back pain, headache, allergies, eating disorders, mood swings or stress are "alarm bells" that presuppose causes Undergrowths of different nature that need to be identified to allow them to regain their well-being.

Kinesiopathy is not, in the first instance, a medical practice, since it does not aim to "cure" a disease, but to take care of the person through the identification of the "body system" imbalances and the rebalancing of vital energies : In simpler terms, the re-harmonization of bodily equilibrium (physical, emotional, biochemical ...) is the tool that helps the body correct the imbalances by facilitating spontaneous "healing" processes. Identifying, isolating and correcting these causes involves a holistic view of the individual that avoids considering only the symptom / illness but takes care of the individual as a whole.

Liberations obtainable by kinesiopathic treatment, relaxation of emotional or postural tensions, fascial unwinding techniques or somatoemotic release process, allow the body to evade the compensatory and antalgic mechanisms that are often the cause of the persistence of diseases or disorders Dysfunctional pathologies, creating the premise that innate bodily wisdom can express itself fully.

Knowledge of behavioral models is crucial to Kinesiopata, in order to better understand how potential stress sources can be reduced or to help people re-evaluate their lifestyle: each of us has areas of lesser strength, body areas Weakness, more sensitive organs or viscera, parts of their emotional life that can affect our psycho-physical balance more.

The total compatibility of kinesiopathic techniques with the medical or pharmacological practices used, the delicacy of the interventions, the non-invasiveness of the maneuvers used to identify the blocks present in the tissues and favor their release, the ability to identify and correct incorrect postural attitudes, Knowledge of the biochemical needs of the organism allows kinesiopathy to be a valid interaction and support in the search for well-being, for each of us.

For further information, please visit www.kinesiopatia.it


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