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Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is a manual art based on William Garner Sutherland's (1873-1954) American osteopathic insights that, carefully observing the cranial sutures, he intuited the existence of a reciprocal movement between the skull bones and the existence of A functional mechanism.

Over the years, thanks to the work of many operators, skull-sacral technique has become a fundamental art for the rebalancing of the body's system and for the release of somatic or emotional restraints that limit the full expression of the health and vitality of each Individual, facilitating healing processes, and promoting processes of personal awareness and growth.

The sacral skull system is a physiological system of the body that along with the cardiovascular and respiratory system is responsible for the life of man.

It is made up of membranes (meninges) that surround the central nervous system, the cranial bones and the sacrum, and the connective bands that radiate from the membranes in every part of the body and from the liquid rachid cephalide inside the nervous system.

The sacral skull is an extremely gentle and yet exceptionally effective technique whose primary purpose is to create and maintain a state of equilibrium, encouraging and encouraging the flow of energy throughout the body, thus promoting an increase in body wellness and vitality.

The presence of a rhythmic movement, conceptually similar to that of cardiovascular or respiratory, is vital to life and is present in every single cell of a healthy body. Its healthy function is at the basis of the well-being of every individual and the art of the skull-sacral operator also consists in perceiving its movement and dynamism through the consciousness of the system of the cephalide-rachid fluid, the meninges and the bands. Favor harmonization. We can say that this process allows free energy flows, influencing and strengthening the immune system, rebalance the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, muscular systems ...



Cranio-Sacral Repatterning

Cranio-Sacral Repatterning® pays particular attention to the creation of opportunities and conditions that favor emancipation from the patterns of tension in the body (patterns); Every significant experience of our life "forms", that is, it helps to create a posture both physically, emotionally, psychologically and mentally.

Every important event of our existence determines changes in the development of our person by creating "patterns", that is, patterns. When our body releases the tensions that have the task of protecting us from the memory of past experiences, the fear of trying again pain and suffering is It may be that the change becomes lasting and that the "antalgic postures" that we have taken, and affecting the way we relate to the surrounding environment, leave room for greater freedom and harmony that frees the resources needed to reach a better Degree of wellbeing.

Ultimately, the purpose is to allow the body, by rediscovering its own perception paradigms, to elaborate its body schemas acquired over time as a response to the discomforts and trauma of life.

Since every tense situation induces an adaptive response based on the creation of postural antalgic schemas (often supported by the "containment" of untreated emotions underlying the trauma itself) through active listening of bodily dynamics, it is possible to allow the change of patterns : If, in fact, we consider that every tension, with the forces associated with it, must be organized in order to be managed, the creation of "barriers" to the free flow of vital energies and the formation of inertial fulcrums within the bodily system Distortions that affect the balance and the economy of living.

In the sacral-repetterning skull, the primary purpose of the operator is to allow the "body", understood as integrity and physical / emotional / mental / spiritual unit, to recognize such "nodes" around which our ego organizes: "knots "Which, if they have become necessary to" survive "the experiences of our lives, on the other, become sources of dispersal of our vital energy or even sources of our maladies: from adaptation tools and resistance to potential damage , They become themselves noxae that maintain "antalgic posture".

Only by the release of such blocked energies, the re-appropriation of self-perception and the activation or creation of resources is, in our view, possible to allow the body itself to find the right path to prosperity.

The body has the tools and resources to regain its balance: the sensitivity and sensitivity of the operators is a valuable tool to begin de-programming the antalgic patterns and create the conditions to create new "patterns" of adaptation, enriching the choice And adaptation possibilities.

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