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"The relationship with ourselves and others by recognizing that we are made of so many parts and that the whole of ourselves is more than the sum of all these parts, knowing their defects and potential is a duty to oneself, a hymn to Life to honor and respect it "


Each individual is as clay in the face of the deployment of life, the form he assumes from time to time is dictated by events that happen: experiences come, experiences are created.

Do not limit yourself to thinking that living in an effective way is difficult.

Allow yourself space and time to experience the results of what you have learned.

If some of the key concepts are different from what you have heard or believed so far, be assured that once you have experienced it and you have tasted the benefits, they will become part of you and they will be true.



"When you plan for a year, plant cereals.

When planning for ten years, plant trees.

When planning a lifetime, get up and educate yourself. "

Lin Zhou

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